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Yacht Club Kicks off Boating Season

Located at the confluence of the James and Chickahominy Rivers, Two Rivers Marina and Yacht Club is a boater’s paradise! With the start of spring, the Yacht Club members recently kicked off boating season.

Opening Ceremony

Last week, the Yacht Club celebrated the beginning of boating season during their opening ceremony.

Yacht Club Opening Ceremony

We’re delighted to introduce the 2018 club officers: Hal Metcalfe (Vice-Commodore), Tom Numbers (Commodore), and Kaye Vickerman (Past Commodore).

Marina Work Day

On Sunday, April 22, the Yacht Club hosted a “Marina Work Day,” where members gathered to prepare the dock, boats and marina area for the season.

Marina Work Day

Blessing of the Fleet & Burning of the Socks 

Later that afternoon, about 50 Yacht Club members attended this annual ceremony to christen new boats. Members also participated in the burning of the socks ritual, in hopes of welcoming warm weather throughout the season.  After the ceremony, the evening was toasted with “docktails.”

Blessing of the Fleet and Burning Socks

What a wonderful start to boating season! For detailed information about marina membership, please contact Harbormaster Renie Martin. 


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